I Judge Dogs


Anyone who is trying to gain judging experience either in their own breed or diversifying into others will know the frustrations of trying to obtain judging appointments. Week after week you scan the dog press and see the same names appearing, usually judging your breed and the varieties. This web site can assist you in promoting your judging CV so that secretaries can quickly see your experience and decide that you are the right person to be put forward at the next committee meeting.

This site has been developed to:

  • Assist dog show secretaries and events organisers and give them access to a large pool of qualified, experienced judges. A search facility allows secretaries and committee members to search by the breed, group or an individual judges name. This service is free of charge.
  • Assist judges at all levels to develop their careers. For less than the cost of a championship show entry this website will give your CV greater prominence enabling you to broaden your judging experience on a worldwide basis.
  • Provide up to date information for judges and show organisers on all aspects of judging dogs - see 'Links' page.   Breed Club lists are sometime direct links to the judging list or to the club's home page where there are usually links through drop down tabs or buttons on the page.

It takes just a few minutes to put your judging CV on line where it can then be accessed worldwide! Updates to your CV can be made when necessary simply by logging in and editing it yourself.

The site is a not-for-profit community - not a club or an association.  It not only provides an opportunity to post a very full CV but offers a broad range of advice and services to its subcribers which is not available from 'free' sites.

Registration Fees

Judges may join the Register for £15 per year. Your details are added to the search engine, and you are given access to your own judging administration panel. I Judge Dogs is always expanding its list of features, and all registered Judges will, of course, be given access to these as and when they are released. Go to the 'Setting Up Your Account' tab for full details  of how to join


Using the site

If you are a Judge who has not used our service before and wish to sign up so that Show secretaries can easily find your name, click the 'Setting up Your Account' tab to sign up for a new account.  Once you have begun the process, please make sure you complete all the basic details before you click 'update' and sign off.  If you do not the site may not recognise you when you try to log back in.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any problems - we are here to help.

If you are already an existing user (Judge) and wish to log in to search for data or amend your existing CV then click the "My Account" button/link log in and make whatever alterations required.

If you are a Show secretary and wish to search for a judge for a particular breed for a show you are organising, click the "Find a Judge" button/link. Use the drop down menu to select the breed and then click the 'filter' button to go straight to the list of judges who have already judged that breed or who are on breed club lists. Each profile will indicate what level of appointment they can take on.

We have tried to simplify the whole process as much as possible to make it easier for everyone to achieve the results they are looking for whilst also giving as many options for filtering data so searches can be narrowed down easily. For any queries that you may have please contact us at [email protected].


For Judges

If you are serious about a judging career you should apply to be on Breed Club Judging lists - your listing on the I Judge Dogs Register will be much more useful to show societies if your record shows that you are on Breed Club Judging List. There are more details about Breed Club Judging Lists on our 'Helpful Information' page.  For the purposes of this site, those judges on the published KC List of judges who have awarded Challenge Certificates are assumed to be on a Club's A1 list.


Errors, omissions or anomalies

For the site to have credibility it is essential that if you notice any errors or anomalies in the information on the site you write direct to [email protected] as soon as possible so they can be followed up and corrected where necessary.

We follow up on any reports of inaccuracies but please remember that those completing their profiles do so 'to the best of their knowledge'. Judging lists change and sometimes people are dropped from lists and may not be informed.



There have been reports that some browsers access the site less successfully than others.  It should not make any difference but the site seems to operate best using Firefox or Safari.