Can I put witch hazel in my dogs ear?

They can drive dirt and debris deeper into your dog’s ear. And whatever you do, don’t clean ears with alcohol or witch hazel. They dry the ear out and can sting if your dog has abrasions inside his ear. Take your dog to the veterinarian if the signs — or smells — continue or worsen after you clean his ears.

What can I clean my dog’s infected ears with?

Remember to see your veterinarian for medication such as antibiotics as well as an ear cleaning solution that will help the ears heal quickly. You can make ear cleaning solutions at home using apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water. Apple cider vinegar will help kill yeast or bacteria.

What can I put on a sore in my dogs ear?


  • Eardrops. Medicated eardrops containing antibiotics, antifungals (to kill yeasts) and anti-inflammatories help to clear swelling and pain. …
  • Ear cleaning. It’s important to keep the inside of your dog’s ears clean while they heal. …
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relief. …
  • Antibiotic tablets. …
  • Treating the underlying cause.

Can you use witch hazel as ear drops?

Use an eye dropper to drop witch hazel into the ear to dry it up, remove excess oils and break up wax that may be clogging the ear canal. Mix witch hazel with goldenseal and calendula to fight any infection that may be in the ear.

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How can I treat my dogs ear infection without going to the vet?

If you’ve search online, you may find home remedies for dog ear infections like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol. These are all bad ideas, because they can irritate the inside of the ear and invite more infection. Sure, the acid in vinegar might kill yeast, but vinegar is mostly water.

Is witch hazel safe for dogs to lick?

When the hot spot hurts or itches, very little stops a dogged puppy from licking. Products that contain witch hazel cool and soothe the discomfort but must be sprayed on the spot quite frequently.

Is apple cider vinegar good for dog ear infections?

Many dogs with skin allergies also develop ear infections. Apple cider vinegar can clean a dog’s ears and rebalance the skin pH, but it will also dry out ears to combat yeast and bacterial infections.

Can I treat my dog’s ear infection myself?

How to Treat a Dog Ear Infection. “Typically, when it gets to the point of infection, you need prescription medication,” Grant says. It’s best to see your veterinarian as soon as you notice symptoms because ear infections won’t go away on their own.