Frequent question: How much does Achilles tendon surgery cost for a dog?

The surgery to repair musculotendons in dogs can cost between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on several factors. The location of the rupture will make a difference, but if surgery is done for repair, the cost difference will not be excessive.

Where does the Achilles tendon attach in a dog?

Both the superficial digital flexor and gastrocnemius tendons attach to the heel bone, called the calcaneus bone.

Is Achilles tendon surgery necessary?

You might need Achilles tendon surgery if you tore your tendon. Surgery is advised for many cases of a ruptured Achilles tendon. But in some cases, your healthcare provider may advise other treatments first. These may include pain medicine, or a temporary cast to prevent your leg from moving.

How much does orthopedic surgery cost for a dog?

Orthopedic surgery in dogs is costly and can cost pet owners from $100 to $3,000 to have performed. The total cost depends on the type of procedure your veterinarian is performing and the specific condition your dog is suffering from.

How bad does it hurt to tear your Achilles tendon?

If the tendon ruptures, the pain is instant and severe. The area may also feel tender, swollen, and stiff. If your Achilles tendon tears, you may hear a snapping or popping noise when it happens. You could have bruising and swelling, too.

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What are Achilles for dogs?

The common calcanean tendon, or Achilles’ mechanism, consists of three tendons that insert on the calcaneus (point of the hock). Its function is to extend the hock and flex the digits. If disease develops in the Achilles’ tendon this may relate to external trauma or a degenerative processes.

How risky is Achilles surgery?

The risks of Achilles tendon surgery include: Skin infection at the incision site. Normal complications of surgery or anesthesia, such as bleeding and side effects from medicines. Nerve damage.

How long will it take to walk normally after Achilles tendon surgery?

You will need to wear a cast or walking boot that keeps your foot and ankle from moving for 6 to 12 weeks after surgery. You can use crutches to move around the house to do daily tasks. Do not put weight on your leg without these until your doctor says it is okay.

Can Achilles tendon heal without surgery?

Non-surgical treatment starts with immobilizing your leg. This prevents you from moving the lower leg and ankle so that the ends of the Achilles tendon can reattach and heal. A cast, splint, brace, walking boot, or other device may be used to do this. Both immobilization and surgery are often successful.