How do I get a retired police dog in India?

How much does it cost to adopt a retired police dog?

All retired MWDs available for adoption are located at the Military Working Dog School, which operates out of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. There is no fee to adopt a retired MWD, but you must pay for all transportation costs.

At what age do police dogs retire in India?

IDA India’s recommendations have partly been accepted, as the Police Department have formalized the retirement of the Police Dogs at the age of 8, or earlier if they are unfit to work, and have decided to form an adoption committee.

Are police dogs aggressive?

Generally spoken police dogs are friendly and social dogs, but they can be aggressive while on duty of course. More and more our customers ask for social dogs. This means they should be ‘friendly’ and easy to handle by the handler.

Can you adopt retired police dogs in Australia?

In the best news we’ve heard all week, you can now adopt a NSW Police Force training dog. These pups are looking for their forever home, and we’re sure most of you will happily take one (all) of these four legged friends off their hands.

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