How do I train my dog to be a sniffer dog?

Start teaching your dog to target a specific scent like a drug or explosive. Put the scent in a container and introduce other containers and scents. Command your dog to find it and reward him only for indicating the desired target scent. Teach your Beagle a signal when he finds the target scent such as ‘sit’ or ‘paw’.

How long does it take to train a sniffer dog?

It generally takes 6-8 months for a dog to reach a good level of performance. How often do the Bio-detection Dogs work? They come into work at our centre in Great Horwood up to 4 days a week, and work for short periods of up to about 20 minutes at a time. There are lots of opportunities for rest and playtime.

What do sniffer dogs do when they detect drugs?

The dog learns to associate the smell of drugs with the toy. Then, you will hide the toy in various places. The dog uses its keen sense of smell – which is up to 100,000 times greater than that of a human – to locate the hidden toy. Once the dog finds the toy, you will reward it with play or a treat.

How Far Can dogs smell drugs?

It was started this year by Debra Stone, who says her five trained dogs can detect heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy. The dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they can smell a marijuana seed from up to 15 feet away and marijuana residue on clothing from drugs smoked two nights before.

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Are sniffer dogs accurate?

The police often use dogs trained to find drugs in public places, including tube stations and festivals, in order to identify someone who is in possession of drugs. However, the dogs are not 100 per cent reliable.

What scents do dogs like?

Unique scents such as essential oils (lavender, anise, and valerian work well) can motivate dogs and will excite their tracking instincts. To start, get a favourite toy (a ball works well) and put a few drops of essential oil onto it. Then, play a quick game of indoor fetch, followed by a reward.