How do I unlock glorious sea dog set?

As for the Weapons, the Cutlass and Blunderbuss are the upgradable promotion rewards, whereas the Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol and the Glorious Sea Dog Eye of Reach have to be unlocked by earning Commendations, which require 200 kills with the respective weapon in Arena matches.

How do you get sea dog outfit in sea of thieves?

Pet Outfits can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins. A specific Pet Outfit can only be purchased if one has acquired the Pet Species first. Collector’s Pets cannot wear Pet Outfits.

How do you get a professional sea dog commendation?

New Sea Dogs levels can be obtained by playing matches in The Arena, completing Sea Dogs Commendations or buying them with Letters of Recommendation. Each new Promotion unlocks an upgradeable version of either the ‘Glorious Sea Dog Cutlass or Blunderbuss and the Promotion Title.

How do I get a sea dog jacket?

The Sea Dog Jacket was provided for free to players who purchased Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition, as part of the included Sea Dog Bundle.

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