How do you brush an Australian cattle dog?

How often should you brush an Australian Cattle Dog?

Brush your Australian Cattle Dog every other week to help distribute oils and remove any dead hair. That keeps the coat healthy and shiny. Once or twice a year, the Australian Cattle Dog will blow his coat. That’s right, look out for lots of hair that will shed off in clumps.

Can a blue heeler be a family dog?

Are Australian cattle dogs hard to take care of?

Has a short, easy-to-care-for coat. Well suited as a companion or working dog. Small, but sturdy.

Are cattle dogs aggressive?

Aggression (especially towards strangers) is the number one behavior problem we hear about from cattledog owners. Usually this begins when the dog reaches adolescence (8 months to 2 years). If not addressed, this behavior will get worse and worse as the dog learns to practice it to make unwanted people go away.

How do you stop a blue heeler from shedding?

Grooming to Control Shedding. Routine grooming is a useful recommendation to control shedding both in and out of the shedding season. When your blue heeler is blowing his coat, daily grooming with a steel comb and a wire brush will be necessary to control the free-floating hair in your house.

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