How do you get the legendary sea dog title?

The Blunderbuss is rewarded to every Pirate Legend who manages to reach 240 wins at The Arena game mode, earning the Legendary Sea Dog Commendation.

What is a legendary sea dog?

The Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss is a Blunderbuss variant in Sea of Thieves. The Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss functions identically to other Blunderbuss versions, providing only a unique appearance.

What is the best title in Sea of thieves?

Commendation Titles

Title Requirements
Legendary Hunter of The Ancient Terror Defeat The Ancient Terror 50 times as a Pirate Legend.
Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost Defeat The Shrouded Ghost 5 times as a Pirate Legend.
Legend of The Sea of Thieves Defeat 500 Skeleton Ships as a Pirate Legend.

What is the rarest title in Sea of thieves?

The 15 Rarest Items In Sea Of Thieves (& How To Get Them)

  1. 1 Banana Sails.
  2. 2 Trident Of Dark Tides. …
  3. 3 Ebon Flintlock. …
  4. 4 Box Of Wondrous Secrets. …
  5. 5 Gilded Phoenix Sails. …
  6. 6 Triumphant Sea Dog Figurehead. …
  7. 7 Triumphant Sea Dog Hull. …
  8. 8 Eye of Reach Of The Ashen Dragon. …

What title do you get for killing a Kraken?

There are several Commendations and related rewards associated with defeating the kraken: Defeat 1 kraken to earn the Kraken Hunter commendation and earn 10 doubloons. Defeat 5 kraken to earn the Master Kraken Hunter commendation and earn 20 doubloons.

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How do you get the Kraken Hunter title?

Kraken Rewards

Random loot can drop when an individual tentacle is defeated, and players who best the beast will get the Achievement: Kraken Good Time. Each time the Kracken is defeated will contribute towards the Kraken Hunter, Master Kraken Hunter and Legendary Kraken Hunter Commendations.

How rare is the shrouded ghost Megalodon?

An 8% increased chance every time a Megalodon spawns for it to be a Shrouded Ghost would give people motivation to farm other Megalodons, while also bringing rewards to those who have already finished those kill commendations in the form of Shrouded Ghost sightings.

What should I spend my gold on in Sea of Thieves?

Spending. The main purpose of Gold is to buy Cosmetics skins for Items from Shops: Shipwright Shop for components, Weaponsmith’s Shop for weaponry, Equipment Shop for equipment and tools, General Clothing Shop for clothing and vanity, the Athena’s Fortune Hideout for excusive Pirate Legend cosmetics.