How many dogs can you have in West Kelowna?

Owners may now have three licensed dogs per household, previously the maximum was two. There’s now an opportunity for owners with nuisance and aggressive dogs to get a second chance.

How many dogs can you own in West Kelowna?

There is a maximum of three dogs allowed per single family dwelling.

How many pets are you allowed to have in BC?

Currently, the City only allows two dogs to be kept per lot, while many other municipalities allow three dogs.

How much is a dog license in Kelowna?

Until the end of February, a license for a dog that’s spayed or neutered costs $20. If the dog isn’t spayed or neutered the fee is $60. On March 1st, licenses return to the regular annual rates of $40 and $80. Renewing is quick and easy using the secure My Dog Matters App.

How many dogs are in Kelowna?

“There are approximately 20,000 licensed dogs in the Central Okanagan and we thank those owners for being responsible and embracing the need for a licence,” said Smith. If you’re caught with an unlicensed dog, you’ll be issued a $300 and Smith says there’s a zero tolerance policy in place.

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How much is a dog license in BC?

All dogs over the age of 3 months living in Surrey must have a current licence. Dogs must always wear their dog licence, affixed to a collar around the dog’s neck.


Type of Dog Annual Fee
Dog Male/Female $80.00
Dog Neutered Male/Spayed Female $50.00
Owner Senior – Dog Male/Female $40.00

Do I have to license my dog in BC?

Licensing your pet

In most municipalities, a license for your dog is required by law. Call your local city/municipality to update the records on file or to get more information on licensing.

Are pit bulls banned in Surrey BC?

The City of Surrey won’t be banning any breed of dogs, but instead will update its dog bylaw to give it more teeth.

Why do I need a dog license in BC?

Licensing information helps staff decide where to build dog parks, where to grant business licenses for dog daycares, and ultimately, it helps staff return lost dogs to their owners.

How much does pet insurance cost in BC?

In Canada, the average monthly insurance premium is $39 for a dog and $29 for a cat. This monthly premium may seem affordable, but the cost can climb quickly depending on the following factors: The age of your pet: Older pets are more likely to have health issues and are therefore more expensive to insure.

Do you need a dog license in Victoria?

Licensing is a mandatory requirement for all dogs over the age of four months. Current year dog tags must be displayed when in a public place, or on private property other than the owner’s. … Dog licence fees also offset the costs of providing dog waste bags in City of Victoria parks.

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Are chickens allowed in Kelowna?

Kelowna allows up to 10 chickens in residential urban areas if the lot is a half acre, or larger, in size. John Mellow, with the district’s bylaw services, said a procedure is followed prior to a ticket being issued.