Quick Answer: Is PuppySpot a good place to get a dog?

“Do not purchase an animal from this company. They do not do a good job screening their breeders and don’t really care what happens once they get your money! When the puppy arrived we noticed something strange about his lack of energy and playfulness.

Is PuppySpot a good place to buy a dog?

Buying from Puppyspot was a wonderful experience, working with the management and finding the perfect puppy was amazing. They were so accommodating, able to help me find the perfect puppy. Also, I changed my travel plans and wanted to pick up my puppy instead of delivery and they were able to make last minute changes.

Is PuppySpot safe?

PuppySpot is a safe, easy, and responsible way to find your new puppy. We serve you best by putting the health and well-being of your puppy first. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are over 10,000 real 5-star reviews from verified PuppySpot customers.

Why are PuppySpot dogs so expensive?

PuppySpot puppies are more expensive that other puppy sites or local shelter because of the stringent quality guidelines that PuppySpot have in place.

What is considered a backyard breeder?

A Backyard Breeder is an amateur animal breeder. While some may have good intentions, in most cases the conditions are considered substandard, with little to no emphasis on ethical or selective breeding, or provide proper care for the well-being of the animals they are breeding.

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How can I find out if my dog is from a puppy mill?

It’s a sure way to avoid supporting puppy mills. Start by visiting your local shelter, where 25 to 30 percent of surrendered animals are purebred. If you don’t find the right pet there, go online at www.petfinder.com or www.adoptapet.com to search for pets at other shelters, as well as at rescue groups.

How do you check if a breeder is a puppy mill?

How to Tell if Your Dog Is from a Puppy Mill

  1. They Don’t Know, or Don’t Share The Puppy’s Parents. …
  2. The Breeders Won’t Let You See The Kennel. …
  3. They Focus on More Than One Breed. …
  4. They Don’t Ask You to Sign Paperwork. …
  5. They Offer The Puppy When It’s Too Young. …
  6. The Pup Hasn’t Had Its Shots.

Who is puppy spot?

PuppySpot is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families. But, more than just a service, PuppySpot is a community of dog lovers whose mission is to make lives better by bringing healthy puppies into happy homes.

Is Lancaster puppies a puppy mill?

With Lancaster County’s reputation as the puppy mill capital of the East, many people in search of a new pup — locals and out-of-staters alike — hesitate if they see a dog hails from a local breeder. … Dogs, he says, “should not exist merely to create more dogs for sale, with little human interaction and companionship.”

Is Buckeye puppies a puppy mill?

The Buckeye State, which is home to 13 problem puppy mills, ranked No. 2 in the agency’s “Horrible Hundred” report. … According to the report, several reviewers mentioned “strong odor, puppies who look sick and animals kept in cramped enclosures” at Ohio stores.

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Is AKC marketplace legit?

The AKC Marketplace is one of the best places to start your search for a puppy, as long as you are vigilant about the above warning signs. AKC Marketplace conducts thousands of kennel inspections a year and is the only online resource to exclusively list 100% puppies from AKC-registerable litters.

Is petfinder legitimate?

Petfinder is the world’s largest database of adoptable pets, and breeders are not permitted to list purposely-bred pets. Plus, Petfinder is free for shelters and rescue groups to use. Almost all shelters and rescue groups across North America use Petfinder, so if a group doesn’t, it’s a good idea to ask why.