Quick Answer: What kind of dogs are good with rabbits?

Is rabbit poop bad for dogs?

Symptoms include fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes and sometimes death. In short, rabbit droppings won’t harm your dog, but they are a clear signal that rabbits are visiting your environment, and making sure that your dog is protected with a flea and tick product and discouraged from hunting rabbits, is a good idea.

Does my dog want to eat my rabbit?

Yes it is true, rabbits are prey, dogs the hunter. Yes, instincts tell the dog to catch it, kill it, eat it in some instances. However, from what you describe, the rabbit loves your dog and the dog, wants to play with your rabbit in a loving way he would another puppy.

Are rabbits scared of dogs?

Do note that rabbits are a prey species and not natural companions for dogs. It could be the rabbit will feel threatened and stressed by the dog, in which case be prepared to keep the rabbit and dog permanently apart if things don’t work out.

Why does my dog whine at my rabbit?

If a dog is easily excited, they may nudge the rabbit with the nose or paw. … Some body language to be wary of like whining or growling can signal either aggression or affection; however, both may be a danger to the rabbit, depending on the dog’s size.

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