Quick Answer: When was the first Andrex puppy?

The Andrex puppy starred in the UK’s first TV advertisement for toilet tissue in 1972, in a commercial called “puppy” and has since clocked up more than 100 commercials to become the UK’s longest-running consistent television campaign.

When was the Andrex puppy first appear?

The Andrex® puppy is born

1972 saw the first UK screening of the Andrex® puppy commercial. The original concept was blocked by television regulators as it was thought that the image of a little girl running through her house trailing a roll of Andrex® would encourage wastefulness.

What was the name of the first Andrex puppy?

Andrex is a British brand of toilet roll. It is owned by the American company Kimberly-Clark. The “Andrex Puppy”, a Labrador Retriever puppy that appears on the company’s television adverts, is synonymous with the brand.


Product type Toilet paper
Website www.andrex.co.uk

What happened to the Cottonelle puppy?

On July 31, 2008, puppy points were discontinued and could no longer be redeemed for merchandise.

Is toilet paper made in the UK?

The UK used around 1.25 million tonnes of hygiene paper in 2019; more than half in the form of toilet tissue and the remainder as hand, facial, industrial and sanitary tissues. About half of this tissue was made in the UK – at 17 tissue mills – with the balance being imported.

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Is Andrex made in UK?

Buy British made toilet tissue.

* Andrex (part of Kimberly-Clark) inform me that “all ANDREX toilet tissue are manufactured in the UK, except the Andrex Eco which is manufactured in Switzerland”.

Is the Andrex dog dead?

Andrex puppy ‘killed off‘ after nation’s favourite TV dog character replaced with CGI. … Instead, the animal has been digitally recreated using the movements, mannerisms and “personalities” of thousands of puppies studied by animators over the past six months.