What age should you hip score a dog?

The OFA accepts preliminary consultation radiographs on puppies as young as 4 months of age for evaluation of hip conformation. If the dog is found to be dysplastic at an early age, the economic loss from the cost of training, handling, showing and so forth can be minimized and the emotional loss reduced.

What age can I get my dog hip scored?

-Yes all dogs must be at least 12 months old before they can be officially scored under the BVA/KC Canine health scheme. -No- The earliest we can estimate with accuracy how good or otherwise the hips are going to be is from approx 5 months of age.

What is a good hip score for a dog?

The score for each hip gives an indication of how severe the dysplasia is (so, for example, a hip scoring 0-3 is usually considered normal and healthy).

Can puppies be hip scored?

The results for the two hips are added together to give the final score. The hip score can be any number from 0-106. Lower is better. Dogs should only be bred from if their hip score is well below the breed average.


Breed Canaan Dog
Average Hip Score 15
Breed Otterhound
Average Hip Score 43

How do I get my dog’s hips certified?

Penn HIP Certification is a hip screening procedure capable of estimating the susceptibility for Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) in dogs as young as 16 weeks of age. The procedure includes radiographs done by a certified veterinarian of your dog’s hips while under general anesthesia.

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What is hip and elbow scoring in dogs?

The hip and elbow radiographs are scored on faults – the lower the score, the better the conformation of the hip and elbow. The current BVA advice is to only breed from dogs with a hip score of below the breed average and to only breed from a dog with a zero elbow score.

How much does it cost to OFA hips?

OFA Fee Schedule

Test Type Age Fee
Hips + Elbows together > 24 mo $40
Hip Prelims 4- < 24 mo $30
Elbow Prelims 4- < 24 mo $30
Hip + Elbow Prelims together 4-24 mo $35