What does Megaesophagus look like in dogs?

Food and water sloshes around in the esophagus and with the help of gravity, is released back up. There is no heaving, gagging or retching prior to regurgitation. Megaesophagus is the most common cause of regurgitation in dogs and cats.

How Long Can dogs live with megaesophagus?

Treatment for IME mainly consists of symptomatic treatment, such as upright feeding [12, 13]. However, patients with severe ME may develop weight loss, weakness and often complicated aspiration pneumonia (AP) [3, 5]. The prognosis of ME is poor, and the median survival time has been reported to be 90 days in dogs [7].

Does megaesophagus go away in dogs?

This procedure will require dogs to go under anesthesia, but generally, your dog will be able to return home after the procedure. If the underlying cause can be treated & intervention is early enough, the esophagus may regain motility and megaesophagus may regress.

How did my dog get megaesophagus?

Acquired megaesophagus commonly has no known cause, either. When a cause can be determined, it is generally from a neuromuscular disease, an esophageal tumor, inflammation of the esophagus, some form of toxicity, a parasitic infection or a foreign body in the esophagus.

What breeds are prone to megaesophagus?

Some breeds are born (congenital) with this problem; for example, wire haired fox terriers and miniature schnauzers. Other breeds reported to be predisposed to this condition include: German shepherds, dachshunds, great Danes, Irish setter, Labrador retriever, pug, and Chinese Shar-pei.

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How do you test for megaesophagus?

If megaesophagus is suspected, a chest X-ray or ultrasound will be done to examine the esophagus and lungs. Other diagnostic tests, such as blood work and a urinalysis, may also be performed to evaluate your dog’s health and rule out other illnesses. In some cases, an esophagoscopy might be recommended.

Will megaesophagus go away on its own?

While some puppies with congenital megaesophagus will outgrow the condition, and some congenital abnormalities can be rectified with surgery, there’s simply no cure for acquired cases of the condition.

Can megaesophagus be reversed?

Acquired cases of megaesophagus cannot be reversed. For these dogs, treatment is essentially supportive, and may include: Treating respiratory infections with antibiotics as soon as they occur.

Can megaesophagus be temporary?

Temporary iatrogenic megaesophagus may occur after sedation with α2-adrenergic agonists, such as detomidine.