What is a Level 1 dog?

Level 1. Dogs with Level 1 determinations are believed to be suitable for the majority of homes. These dogs are not displaying concerning behaviors in the shelter, and the owner surrender profile (where available) is positive.

What is Level 1 dog training?

Level 1 – Dog and Handler must be able to successfully:

Walk on a loose leash. Walk on a loose leash past another dog 10 feet with no lunging or barking. Sit and down on side of hander in heel position. Work in a controlled manner around other dogs. … Stay as owner walks to end of leash and returns – sit and down.

What is a Level 2 dog?

Level 2 Dogs. Level two dogs will do well in a majority of homes. In general they are highly social with people and other animals. They tend to be fairly tolerant of restraint, handling and having things taken from them.

What does a Level 3 dog mean?

The Challenging German Shepherd (level 3)

This dog is the same as a level 2 with more energy or there may be some aspects to its temperament that need work from its new handler. This might be high prey drive (aggression towards critters). … A level 3 dog is not for anyone who has never owned a large working breed dog.

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What are the different levels of dog training?

Stages of Dog Obedience

  • Puppy Skills. The foundation of dog obedience training begins as soon as your puppy comes home. …
  • Basic Obedience. Basic obedience encompasses simple skills, such as sit, down, come and stay. …
  • Intermediate Obedience. …
  • Advanced/Competitive Obedience.

How long is protection training for dogs?

The class is 8 weeks long for an hour each class. This class is the prerequisite for the Personal Protection Dog course. If you can pass the obedience evaluation portion of the Personal Protection Dog course, this class may be waived if you dog also displays the proper drives.

How do you start training a dog?

When training is started at 7 to 8 weeks of age, use methods that rely on positive reinforcement and gentle teaching. Puppies have short attention spans, so training sessions should be brief, but should occur daily. Puppies can be taught to “sit,” “down,” and “stand” using a method called food-lure training.

What is a Level 5 dog?

Level 5 (Very Serious) Multiple-bite attack with deep. punctures, or multiple attack incident Dogs that bite at this level have generally had practice biting at levels 3 and 4 already.

Are pit bulls low energy dogs?

Pit bulls are high-energy dogs and need lots of exercise, but some just aren’t good candidates for the dog park. Because they’re very muscular and easily excited, friendly pit bulls can sometimes overwhelm and even injure their playmates during rough games.

Can you get your dog trained for protection?

Any dog can be trained for obedience, but to be trained for protection or attack, he must have the right temperament, which can be determined by a Temperament Test performed by the Guard Dog Training Centre. … The family protection dog must be good with the whole family, especially with the kids!

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