What is EMBO’s dogs name?

These vicious creatures lived throughout the Outer Rim. They had pronounced lower jaws and sharp teeth, fearsome growls and thick patches of fur across their spines. They were trainable animals and during the Clone Wars, the bounty hunter Embo took one named Marrok as a working pet.

What happened Cad Bane?

In the unfinished episodes of the clone wars Boba Fett kills Cad Bane in a duel and bane gives Boba the iconic ding on his helmet.

What race is Cad Bane?

Did EETH Koth survived Order 66?

Koth was later established in Darth Vader (2017) 19 to have survived Order 66 before being killed by Darth Vader in a duel.

Is Asajj Ventress a bounty hunter?

Asajj Ventress is the most underrated bounty hunter, says Swapna. … A Jedi Master discovered that Ventress was Force-sensitive and began training her. But when he was killed, she fell to the dark side in her anger, eventually becoming the apprentice and trusted assassin of Count Dooku.

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