Are Staffies a one person dog?

Are Staffies loyal to one person?

Staffies make great family dogs. Sometimes nicknamed the ‘nanny dog’, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of the Kennel Club’s top recommended breeds for families with young children. … ‘Many breeds tend to bond with one individual, but Staffs bond with the entire family.

Are Staffies OK to be left alone?

If left without anything to do for a long time Staffies can get very bored and even destructive. Plenty of toys should be available and they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.

Would a Staffy protect its owner?

Staffordshire Terriers make great pets to keep in a home. They are only seen as aggressive when they protect their owner or family. Most dogs are naturally protective of their families, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is also one of them.

How often do Staffies need a bath?

As for baths, your Staffy should really only be bathed every 3 months, or whenever they desperately need it. It can actually be better to bathe them this infrequently because washing them too often with shampoo can irritate their sensitive skin and strip the oils from their fur.

Do Staffy dogs bark a lot?

Need lots of entertainment and brain stimulation. They are known to play rough and can hurt you just through their play. Barking from excitement can be an issue, but usually easy to control. Very capable of doing things that the larger breeds can do.

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Can Staffies lock their jaws?

No. “Lock Jaw” itself is a myth. Staffies don’t have a lock jaw – nor does any other animal – as it would be hazardous for an animal to be unable to release its grip if its prey was doing serious injury in turn to the animal.