Frequent question: When should you get a female dog desexed?

Most female dogs can be spayed any time after eight weeks of age, and preferably before their first heat for the best health benefits. The first heat cycle occurs somewhere around six to seven months of age, depending on the breed.

Does Desexing calm a female dog?

F A L S E! Desexing will not change your dog’s personality. Male and female dogs that are desexed have a nicer temperament as they are not as driven by their hormones and make much nicer family pets.

How does Desexing affect a female dog?

Desexing your pet can reduce the risks of some potentially serious health problems. For example, desexed pets are less likely to get mammary cancer and will not get uterine infections or have false pregnancies.

Do female dogs change after being spayed?

In addition to the medical benefits listed above, there can be a significant improvement in a female dog’s behavior after you spay her. When a dog enters heat, the hormones in her body change. This fluctuation can cause some dogs to become irritable or stressed, and may cause her to act out.

Should you let a female dog go into heat before spaying?

Q: Should I let my dog have a heat before I spay her? A: Medically, it’s better to spay your dog before their first heat. It greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumors. People who wait to spay their dogs until after their second heat greatly increase the risk of mammary tumors in their pets.

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What is the best age to spay a dog?

When should I spay my female dog? We recommend waiting until your dog is at least over 6 months and likely even older for larger dogs. The benefits are much more pronounced in larger dogs, but there is not a lot of difference for lap dogs.

At what age is it too late to spay a dog?

As long as your pet is healthy, there is no age limit for spaying your dog. While the traditional age for spaying is six to nine months, dogs as young as five months can undergo the procedure. Even if there are some risks with senior dogs, the benefits still outweigh a few risks.

What happens if you dont Desex a female dog?

The risk of uterine infections is high in non-desexed females and that risk increases with age. Mammary cancer (breast cancer) incidence in later life is much lower if the pet is desexed before puberty (6 months).

Do female dogs get their period after being desexed?

When your pet is spayed, the entire reproductive tract (including both ovaries and the uterus) is surgically removed. Therefore, your spayed dog no longer has ovaries, produces estrogen, or goes into heat.

Can you Desex a female dog while on heat?

How soon after being on heat can your female dog/cat be desexed? When an animal is on heat, there is increased blood supply to the uterus and ovaries. Animals can be desexed when there are in season or on heat, but we recommend that surgery be delayed until 3 to 4 weeks after the cycle finishes.

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