What nights is pooch perfect on?

ABC’s high-stakes grooming competition “Pooch Perfect” (Tuesdays, 8 EDT/PDT), premiered last week, joining HBO Max’s “Haute Dog” and Netflix’s “Canine Intervention.” Netflix’s “Pet Stars,” which features Insta-famous pooches, premieres later this month.

Where does pooch perfect get the dogs?

The dogs were selected by the casting team who were helped and advised by our professional dog grooming consultant (Stuart Simons).

How do you do the perfect pooch?

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18-year-old.
  2. Must be a legal US resident.
  3. Must be available to film between July and September 2020 (dates subject to change)
  4. Additional eligibility requirements apply.

Has pooch perfect been Cancelled?

Sheridan Smith’s Pooch Perfect has been cancelled after one series, it has been confirmed. … but the show will not be returning to our screens following its first series, which saw groomer Kelly Davis named as the winner.

Who is left in Pooch Perfect?

Fitchburg dog groomer Deb Compton and her son Jordan Jones, left, were one of nine teams competing in the reality TV show “Pooch Perfect” shown on ABC Tuesday night.

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