Does puppy dog pals take place in San Francisco?

Puppy Dog Pals will take your kids on adventures, sometimes in their own neighborhood, but sometimes around the world.

Where is Bob’s house in Puppy Dog Pals?

Bob’s house is a location in Puppy Dog Pals. It is located left of Chloe’s House.

What’s the story behind Puppy Dog Pals?

Puppy Dog Pals is about Bingo and Rolly, two pug puppy brothers who have fun traveling around their neighborhood and the world when their owner Bob leaves home. They also have a kitty sister named Hissy and a robot dog named A.R.F. (Auto-Doggy Robotic Friend).

Did Rolly get a new voice?

Rolly was firstly voiced by Sam Lavagnino in seasons 1-3, but his voice actor was replaced with Gracen Newton in season 4.

Is there a Puppy Dog Pals movie?

Puppy Dog Pals: The Movie is a 2019 computer-animated adventure movie was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Junior Channel, DQ Entertainment and Wild Canary Animation and was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and was released on August 9, 2019 along with a 2019 short film Doc McStuffins: A Trip …

Who is Bonnie on Puppy Dog Pals?

Grey DeLisle-Griffin is the voice of Bonnie in Puppy Dog Pals.

Are Bob and Anna dating on Puppy Dog Pals?

Sharon on Twitter: “Bob is totally dating Anna #puppydogpals #disneyjr”

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