What does the word hound mean?

Is hound a real word?

A hound is a type of dog with big floppy ears, mainly used for hunting. To hound someone is to relentlessly pursue or pester them. When Elvis sings, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog,” he’s referring to both. Hounds are dogs that have traditionally been used for hunting because they are excellent at tracking.

Where does the word hound come from?

The history of dog

About seven centuries ago, the word hound, which came from the Old English hund, was the word for all domestic canines. Dog was just used to refer to a subgroup of hounds that includes the lovely but frequently slobbering mastiff.

What is the meaning of hound in a sentence?

Examples of hound in a Sentence

Noun in the yard an old hound greeted us with a single bark a camera hound even before the baby arrived, he’s now become obsessive. Verb He is being hounded by the press. They hounded me with questions. They hounded me for my autograph. hound a politician out of office.

Why is Sandor Clegane called the hound?

See also Sandor Frey. Sandor Clegane is a member of House Clegane and is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane. Sandor is nicknamed the Hound for his fierce nature and unquestioning obedience to House Lannister and for the three dogs featured in his family’s arms.

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What type of word is hound?

hound used as a noun:

(Hunt hound, Hunting hound, hunting dog, hunter) Someone who seeks something. A male who constantly seeks the company of receptive females. In more recent times, hound has been replaced by dog but the sense remains the same.

What is the personality of a hound dog?

Hound Dog Personalities

They are agile and speedy. Scent hounds, on the other hand, smell their way to what they are trying to find. They’re tough, but slow. Both types of hound dogs are very inquisitive, independent creatures.

Is dog a derogatory term?

“Dog” has long been used as an insult toward both women and men. In ancient Greece, dog was often used in a derogatory sense to refer to someone whose behavior was improper or transgressive.

Do hounds bark a lot?

A hound dog’s bark is easily recognizable due to the “baying” characteristic. Hound dogs, a working-class dog, were bred to howl during hunting expeditions. … Yet, excessive barking can become disturbing, and is a common reason for noise complaints with hound dog owners (and neighbors) today. Socialize the dog.

Are hound dogs good guard dogs?

10. They are the perfect family dog. All dogs are great family dogs, but Hounds are instinctively extremely over protective of their pack that they make a great addition to every family.

What is the meaning of gigantic hound?

1 very large; enormous. a gigantic error. 2 (Also) gigantesque of or suitable for giants. (C17: from Greek gigantikos, from gigas giant) ♦ gigantically adv.

What does publicity hound means?

1. a person who seeks media attention, often by doing controversial things. Being a publicity hound, he is no stranger to controversy.

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